Keri Folmar

Zeal: A Bible Study on Titus for Women

PDF Ebook, Spiral Bound
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A fully inductive, 9-week study from Keri Folmar’s Delighting in the Word series. Never lose sight of what the Bible actually says.

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Zeal: A Bible Study on Titus for Women, by Keri Folmar

Endorsed by Kathleen Nielson, Diane Schreiner, Connie Dever, Gloria Furman, and more.

This 9-week study covers the entire book of Titus, and is ideal for personal or group use. Our Bible studies are meant to be written in extensively, so they have lots of extra white space. This is why they are only available in PDF and paperback formats, with the paperbacks spiral-bound for ease of use.

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Passionate about encouraging women to delight in the Scriptures, Keri runs women’s Bible studies at the United Christian Church of Dubai where she’s privileged to teach fascinating women from every inhabited continent. In addition to the Delighting in the Word Bible study series, she has written The Good Portion: Scripture, a book that encourages women to discover the treasure and enjoy the sweetness of God’s word. Keri is the wife of John, who is the senior pastor of UCCD, and they have three grown children. In a previous life, as chief counsel of House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Keri was staff writer of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.


“It is hard to imagine a better inductive Bible study tool than this one.”
Diane Schreiner

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Praise for Keri Folmar’s Delighting in the Word Inductive Bible Studies for Women

“With simple clarity, Keri Folmar guides us in learning to study the Bible…Keri encourages us to read God’s Word carefully, to understand clearly, and to apply prayerfully…This study points the way into the biblical text, offering a clear and effective guide…she encourages her readers first and foremost to listen well to God’s inspired Word.”
Kathleen Nielson is author of the Living Word Bible Studies ; Director of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition; and wife of Niel, who served as President of Covenant College from 2002 to 2012.

“Keri’s Bible study will not only bring the truths of [Scripture] to bear upon your life, but will also train you up for better, more effective study of any book of the Bible with her consistent use of the three questions needed in all good Bible study: Observation, Interpretation, and Application.”
Connie Dever is author of The Praise Factory children’s ministry curriculum and wife of Mark, senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church and president of 9Marks.

“It is hard to imagine a better inductive Bible study tool than this one. So many study tools wander from the biblical text, but Keri Folmar’s study concentrates on what [the biblical author] says…unfolding its message with accuracy and clarity…The questions are inductive and applicable, helping us to understand [the biblical author’s] intent and what [the book] means for our church involvement and our personal lives…I recommend this book for both individual and group study, for it will enable you to grow in your faith”
Diane Schreiner, wife of professor, author, and pastor Tom Schreiner and mother of four grown children, has led women’s Bible studies for more than 20 years.

“Keri lets the Scriptures do the talking! No cleverly invented stories, ancillary anecdotes, or emotional manipulation here. Keri takes us deeper into the text, deeper into the heart of [the biblical author], deeper into the mind of Christ, and deeper into our own hearts… Each new week of study provides a review of the previous week, to help us keep in context what we’ve studied. The subsequent days are for gold digging, and there are rich treasures to discover…I appreciate the way Keri consistently challenges us to apply God’s Word to our own hearts, and also to our relationships in the body of Christ. This is a great study to do on your own or in partnership with someone who is not yet a Christian, or with someone who struggles with assurance or expresses a desire to have a vibrant life of faith and service to Christ…I highly commend this study.”
Kristie Anyabwile is a North Carolina native and graduate of NC State University with a degree in history. Her husband, Thabiti, serves as a pastor in Washington, DC, and as a Council Member for The Gospel Coalition.

“We have no greater need than to hear and obey and love the Word of God. Keri Folmar’s Bible studies are specifically designed to help you do just that…Keri is convinced that God is God-centered and that for the sake of our joy, we should be, too…She skillfully created these rich resources—and not only that, she has put the tools in your hands so you can study God’s word for yourself…I highly recommend that you embark on these studies with some other ladies. Then you can all watch in amazement at how God gives you contentment in him as he shows you the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus as Lord.”
Gloria Furman is a pastor’s wife in the Middle East , and author of Glimpses of Grace, Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full, and The Pastor’s Wife


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PDF Ebook, Spiral Bound

1 review for Zeal: A Bible Study on Titus for Women

  1. Aaron Lee

    Why am I reviewing a Bible Study on Titus for women? First, I heard many great things about this study and wanted to check it out. Second, our church has a lot of community groups but not a lot of Bible study groups. I wanted to see if this was a resource I could suggest. After reading and interacting with this study, it is one that I wholeheartedly recommend.

    A Trustworthy Teacher

    Author Keri Folmar is the wife of John Folmar, pastor of the United Christian Church of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. She is also the mother of three children. Interestingly, once as chief counsel of House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, she was a staff writer of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.

    Folmar knows how to write, but she lets Scripture do the talking in this 9-week BIble study. The basic steps of observation, interpretation, and application are highlighted for the reader. Generous white space is dedicated to interacting with the text. Folmar helps the reader by giving guidance in opening prayers and giving enough background when necessary, such as how the Bible uses interchangeable words for elder and overseer.

    Titus 2

    I had to see what Folmar presents in Titus 2, and she does not disappoint in asking the hard questions. For instance, she asks, “Explain why Biblical submission does not include the following, and describe how a wife could have an appropriately submissive attitude in the situation.”

    She lists never disagreeing with your husband, engaging in sin because your husband asks you to, allowing abuse, and allowing adultery or pornography. While simply theoretical questions to some women, I am sure that there are some who will be experiencing these in their home. So Folmar does not shy away from these real-life scenarios, expecting her readers to engage with the Biblical text.

    Written with Zeal

    But it is not just in Titus 2 where she asks the hard questions. She challenges her readers throughout the book to really think about what the Bible says. She encourages everyone to wrestle with the text. There are questions for single women, married women, older women, and younger women. I benefitted from this study as a man, and I recommend it for anyone who is ready for serious study.

    I was provided a complimentary copy of Zeal: A Bible Study on Titus for Women in exchange for an honest review.

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