Books on Calvinism and Reformed Theology

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Showing all 4 results

Why These Titles?

All Cruciform Press books (with the possible exception of some of our fiction titles) emerge from a Reformed or Calvinistic worldview. Yet the titles on this page go further.

These books, each in their own way, are specifically focused on addressing or unpacking the glorious, joyful, comforting, life-changing, and life-giving truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ that have come to be known as Calvinism, or Reformed Theology.

Would you like to better understand the essentials? Check out Tony Reinke’s The Joy Project and Jeremy Walker’s Anchored in Grace.

Would you like to avoid some of the errors that are so easy to make when talking about these truths to others? See Greg Dutcher’s insightful book, Killing Calvinism.

Finally, for a definitive collection of ten edited sermons that John Piper considers the essence of his ministry after 33 years of preaching on Calvinism, check out Astonished by God.