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Showing all 2 results

Popular Books by Joel R. Beeke

Shop for Joel Beeke books published exclusively by Cruciform Press and offered here at a very affordable price. As a pastor, author, and seminary president, the author is known for books that join deep theology, pastoral writing, and a heart of submission to God.

Friends and Lovers, Dr. Beeke’s wise and insightful book on marriage, has been called by Derek Thomas “the best book of its kind,” while Geoffrey Thomas wrote, “There is no better book than this to renew the affection of happy marriage.”

Getting Back in the Race is Joel Beeke’s essential and highly readable book on identifying and overcoming spiritual backsliding by followers of Christ—a subject largely ignored by modern writers. Iaian Campbell calls the book “thoroughly scriptural, warmly pastoral, saturated with the best of Puritan wisdom and relevant for all Christians,” and Martin Holdt exclaimed, “This book is a masterpiece, and I do not say that lightly… This excellent work, so helpfully spiced with quotations from the Puritans, needs to be read over and over again. I heartily commend it.”

These classic Joel Beeke books will surely bless and equip every Christian marriage and every Christian believer. Available in paperback and three ebook formats at great prices, you even get automatic discounts when buying in bulk for your church, friends, and family.