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Faith: A Bible Study on James for Women

PDF Ebook, Spiral Bound
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A fully inductive, 10-week study from Keri Folmar’s Delighting in the Word series. Never lose sight of what the Bible actually says.

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Bible Study & Teaching on Faith For Women

Endorsed by Kathleen Nielson, Diane Schreiner, Connie Dever, Kristie Anyabwile, Gloria Furman, and more.

“It is hard to imagine a better inductive Bible study tool than this one.” (Diane Schreiner)

This 10-week study is ideal for personal or group use (it is one of three such studies for women we offer from Keri Folmar). Our Bible studies are meant to be written in extensively, so they have lots of extra white space. This is why they are longer than our other books (although still the same price), and why they are only available in PDF and paperback formats, with the paperbacks spiral-bound for ease of use.

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Passionate about encouraging women to delight in the Scriptures, Keri runs women’s Bible studies at the United Christian Church of Dubai where she’s privileged to teach fascinating women from every inhabited continent. In addition to the Delighting in the Word Bible study series, she has written The Good Portion: Scripture, a book that encourages women to discover the treasure and enjoy the sweetness of God’s word. Keri is the wife of John, who is the senior pastor of UCCD, and they have three grown children. In a previous life, as chief counsel of House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Keri was staff writer of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.


“It is hard to imagine a better inductive Bible study tool than this one.”
—Diane Schreiner

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“Keri Folmar encourages us to read God’s Word carefully, to understand clearly, and to apply prayerfully. This study helps us hear James’ call to true faith in Jesus Christ — a faith that works. With simple clarity, Keri guides us not only in studying James but also in learning to study the Bible.”
Kathleen Nielson is author of the Living Word Bible Studies; Director of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition; and wife of Niel, who served as President of Covenant College from 2002 to 2012.

It is hard to imagine a better inductive Bible study tool than this one. So many study tools wander from the biblical text, but Keri Folmar’s study on James concentrates on what James himself says. Also, the message of James for our everyday lives is constantly emphasized. I recommend this book for both individual and group study, for it will enable you to grow in your faith.”
Diane Schreiner, wife of professor, author, and pastor Tom Schreiner and mother of four grown children, has led women’s Bible studies for more than 20 years.

“This study through the Book of James encourages us to have an active faith that works itself out in love. I appreciate the way Keri consistently challenges us to apply God’s Word to our own hearts, and also to our relationships in the body of Christ. This is a great study to do on your own or in partnership with someone who is not yet a Christian, or with someone who struggles with assurance or expresses a desire to have a vibrant life of faith and service to Christ.”
Kristie Anyabwile holds a history degree from NC State University. Her husband, Thabiti, serves as Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Grand Cayman, and as a Council Member for The Gospel Coalition.

“What a harvest of righteousness is enjoyed by those who dig deep into the book of James! We all need the wisdom that comes down from above, and this Bible study on James is a true guide. Keri skillfully created this rich resource—and not only that, she put the tools in your hands so you can study God’s word for yourself. Gather your friends to study with you, and enjoy the harvest together.”
Gloria Furman is a pastor’s wife in the Middle East and the author of Glimpses of Grace and Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full.

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PDF Ebook, Spiral Bound

3 reviews for Faith: A Bible Study on James for Women

  1. Amazon Review

    “A solid resource that I have no problem recommending.”

    Keri Folmar has again produced a women’s bible study resource that leaves me very excited. After using and enjoying her first study on Philippians, I was eager to see this newest study, based on the book of James.

    Faith is written for women, and is suitable for group or individual study. I think it would also work well as a tool for one-on-one mentoring. The book has material for ten weeks of study, with each week having five days of study. The sections are easily completed over the five-day period.

    Faith is an inductive study, as opposed to a topical study. This means we study the book as a whole, looking at its individual parts within the larger context, asking questions of the text with a view to discerning meaning. I personally find this the best method for study. The text is the focus, and the context is always kept in mind. That helps avoid the pitfalls of bunny trails that have nothing to do with the passage.

    Inductive study focuses on observation and interpretation before making application. Keri makes sure that the first two steps are thoroughly covered before attempting application. Application is a product of meaning, and to jump too quickly to application without discovering meaning could lead to ineffective or misguided application

    The beauty of inductive study is that, ultimately, topics are covered as we progress through the book. In Faith, some of the issues touched upon were how to handle trials, taming unruly speech, showing partiality, prayer, worldliness, and the balance between faith and works. As with her study, Joy, Keri encourages the study at the beginning of each day to pray before studying, giving the student the crucial reminder that our understanding of Scripture comes from the Lord.

    As a student, what I like best about this study is the encouragement to really think about the truths learned, to really evaluate how faith in my Christ is evidenced in my life on a day to day basis. As a teacher, what I liked was the scope for rich study. A teacher has all she needs in this book for an excellent ten week study of James, but the application questions provide scope for deeper study, too, if a teacher so desires.

    It is not always easy to find bible study tools for women where it is clear that Christ, not ourselves is the subject matter. This study makes it very clear. Too often women’s bible studies speculate or focus only on how we feel about Scripture. This is a solid resource that I have no problem recommending.

    Homebody, in a 5-star review on Amazon

  2. Amazon Review

    Awesome inductive study that guides you in-depth through the text of James! I would highly recommend this study to anyone!

    Leah, in a 5-star review on Amazon

  3. Amazon Review

    “I hope she writes several more!

    Excellent! This is basically a book of questions—beginning with easy observation, then developing into interpretation, then application. We used this for a women’s Bible class, and especially appreciated the fact that it was very useful for women who were able to do the homework as well as women who were not. One participant commented that she never felt as if she couldn’t attend if she had not been able to work ahead—the questions are useful either way. Hope she writes several more!

    D. Lee, in a 5-star review on Amazon

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