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We offer five lines of books.

Cruciform Standard  |  Cruciform Bible Study  |  Desiring God  |  Cruciform Quick  |  Cruciform Fiction

Most of these books are short.
They exhort, encourage, educate, equip, and even entertain.
For Christians and other curious people.



Our original line of books, launched in 2010, forms the basis for this ongoing series.
Selected titles appear below: Jerry Bridges, Tim Challies, Joel Beeke, Albert N. Martin, Stacy Reaoch, and many more.

We set apart these titles to create our growing Bible Study series.
Most of these are book studies for women from Keri Folmar.

Our partnership with Desiring God has produced these seven titles.
They include authors John Piper, Vaneetha Risner, David Mathis, Tony Reinke, and more.

These booklets range from about 40 to 60 pages. Vital material in an even faster format!

We’re excited about the first titles in our fiction line!
You’re certainly familiar with at least one of these authors.

What We Do and Why

We like to keep it simple. So at Cruciform Press we publish and distribute clear, useful, inexpensive, books for Christians and other curious people. Books that make sense and are easy to read, even as they tackle serious subjects. 

We do this because the good news of Jesus Christ—the gospel—is the only thing that actually explains why this world is so wonderful and so awful all at the same time. Even better, the gospel applies to every single area of life, and offers real answers that aren’t available from any other source.

In other words, the gospel changes everything.

Some of our authors are well known as writers, speakers, pastors, or bloggers. Others are new to the scene. Every one of them has something important and special to say, and says it well.

These are books you can afford, enjoy, finish easily, benefit from, and remember. Check us out and see. Then join us as part of a publishing mission that’s good news for the gospel, the church, and the world.

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