Top Faith-Based Bloggers: Guess Who?

newsmaxby Kevin

Newsmax, in case you weren’t aware, is a conservative news network based in Florida that began in 1998. Last week they posted an article ranking, by their analysis, the top 75 religion bloggers. Our own Tim Challies clocked in at number eight, and Newsmax was kind enough to imply that his role in co-founding Cruciform Press has been one of his crowning achievements. That may open to debate, but who are we to quibble?

Tim ranked behind some impressive people, including Al Mohler and Russell Moore but, perhaps surprisingly, ahead of such luminaries as John Piper, Thom Rainer, Doug Wilson, and Michael Hyatt. Here’s the full article. If you pay attention to faith-based blogs, you’ll probably know lots of other names, too.

One secret of Tim’s success? Long obedience to a sense of calling in a single direction: as of right now he has blogged every single day for 11.89 years.

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