Timeline of Luther’s Life

A World Upside Down; Four Essays on the Life and Theology of Martin Luther, by Charles E. Fry

by Charles Fry /

This timeline (of the main events and writings addressed by these posts) will help the reader more clearly understand how the details of Martin Luther’s life fit into his overarching story and that of the Reformation.

Read all the posts published to date in this extended series on the life and theology of Martin Luther, as we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the birth of the Reformation.
July 6
John Hus burned at the stake, c. 100 years before the Reformation
November 10
Martin Luther born in Eisleben, Germany
1505Begins study of Law
July 2
Vows to become monk after thunderstorm
July 17
Enters Augustinian order to become a monk
1507Luther conducts his first Mass
1511Transferred by Staupitz to Wittenberg from Erfurt
1513–1516Lectures on Psalms, Romans, and Galatians at University of Wittenburg
October 31
Announces 95 Theses in Wittenberg
April 26
Heidelberg Disputation
July 4–14
Debates Eck at Leipzig, Sola Scriptura is realized by Luther
1520Treatise on Good Works, To the Christian Nobility, The Babylonian Captivity of the Church, and The Freedom of a Christian are published
1520Pope Leo X issues papal bull giving Luther 60 days to recant
April 16–26
Luther defends at the Diet of Worms
May 4
Luther is hidden at the Wartburg castle
1522Luther’s German translation of the New Testament published
1524Peasants’ War begins. Thomas Munzer, a key leader of the Anabaptists
January 21
Formal beginning of Anabaptist movement(Conrad Grebel baptizes)
1525Luther marries Katherine Von Bora, a nun
1529Marburg Colloquy (Luther & Zwingli split over the Lord’s Supper)
1529Luther writes Large Catechism (April) and Small Catechism (May)
June 25
The Augsburg Confession is presented
1535Lectures on Galatians is published
1536–1537Luther writes Smalcald Articles
1539Luther writes Against the Antinomians
February 18
Martin Luther dies at age 62 in Eisleben, Germany

Part 9 of an extended series drawn from A World Upside Down: The Life and Theology of Martin Luther, by Charles E. Fry.

Charles E. Fry

Chuck Fry holds degrees from Marshall University, Moody Bible Institute, and Christ College. He has been in discipleship ministry since 1989 and is on staff with The Navigators in Huntington, West Virginia. He and his wife, Lisa, organize and host the annual Majesty of God conference, held each April.

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