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On Purpose: Living Life as It Was Intended

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The urge to live a purposeful life is no coincidence. We were created and called to be the image of a purposeful God.

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On Purpose: Living Life as It Was Intended, by Jonny Ivey

What am I for?
It’s a question we rarely ask, yet it’s the very question we spend our lives trying to answer. We know we must have a purpose, but it’s hard to define and harder to live.

Could I be missing out? Did I ruin everything? What am I doing wrong?
You don’t need to fear. This book can help free you. You can live in the joyful purpose of your current circumstances. Starting today.

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What am I for? It’s a question that we rarely ask, but spend our lives trying to answer. Many people point to happiness, while others argue that everything is meaningless. Whatever our answer, it seems impossible to live without purpose.

Jonny Ivey shows how this primal urge to live purposeful lives is not coincidental: we were made in the image of a purposeful God. And it’s here that we find the satisfying answer to that question: we are created and called to be the image of God.

This isn’t a burdensome duty that draws us away from all the things we enjoy in life. Being made in the image of a joyful, tri-une community of God who created the world’s bounty as a way to allow us fulfill our purpose, it means enjoying the same pleasures God has enjoyed throughout eternity. It means seeing our lives satisfyingly click into place as we reflect his humble and self-giving character.

And this is all possible because of Jesus, the one who came to save us from the futile lives we have all chosen by pursuing self-fulfilment. He lived the purposeful life on our behalf, and he now empowers us by his Spirit to live a new purpose-driven, creation-enjoying, and God-reflecting life.

This book will free you from the fear that you are missing out on God’s purpose or calling for your life. It will liberate you to experience the joyful purpose that God has assigned to your current circumstances. Starting today.


Jonny Ivey

Jonny Ivey serves as an elder of The Gate Church in Birmingham, UK. He’s married to Joanna and they have three children: Josiah and Halle who are in their care, and Edith, who is in the care of her heavenly Father. He is the Senior Editor of Heirs Magazine, a digital platform that applies the gospel to British culture.


“It is an inescapable aspect of the human condition to reflect on the meaning and purpose of our lives. Many strive to achieve status or attain happiness, whilst others conclude that life is ultimately meaningless. Combining faithful biblical exegesis with engaging creativity and personal honesty, Jonny Ivey helps us to understand that we were created to glorify God and enjoy him forever. This is a liberating book that will help Christians to find true joy whilst they are being restored into the image of God and wait for the glorious new creation to come.”
John Stevens, National Director, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (UK)

“To understand one’s purpose, one must understand the One who designed and created us in his image. Too often, we disconnect our purpose as human beings from who God is. To help bridge that gap, Jonny Ivey has written a book that helps readers navigate some of the most important questions we ask. Ivey packs a punch in this short but brief book. Don’t let it’s brevity belie the immensity of the subject at hand; take up and read, and be refreshed and reminded of the beauty of being made in the image of God.”
Jonathan D. Holmes, Pastor of Counseling, Parkside Church; Executive Director, Fieldstone Counseling


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Paperback, Three Ebook Formats

1 review for On Purpose: Living Life as It Was Intended

  1. Aaron Lee

    At the time I am writing this, California is on mandatory social distancing due to COVID-19. I’ve found it difficult to get work done and live with intentionality. It seems like all of my life has been disrupted.

    Important Questions
    Jonny Ivey, with his book On Purpose: Living Life as It Was Intended, is here to help us learn to live in the joyful purpose of our current circumstances.

    What am I for? Could I be missing out? Did I ruin everything? What am I doing wrong? In 7 chapters and less than 100 pages, these important questions are clearly and carefully answered.

    Important Chapters
    Chapter 4, Being the Image of God, was the most important section for me. I was reminded that the gospel isn’t about me. I can have the joy of knowing that my life is hidden in Christ and that his life is mine.

    Chapter 6, Dying to Live, told me that my life paints a picture of eternal significance. This mindset can help me see what I should be doing with my life. Living for the kingdom requires dying to self, being raised, and finding the joy of sacrifice.

    Not Yet Finished
    The book concludes by reminding us that we are not yet finalized. We await being reunited with our Lord. And he is still working on us – and his purpose will someday be complete.

    No matter my situation, whether healthy or sick, quarantined or free, this book boldly proclaims that I have purpose in this life. The glory of God is the goal of my life. I am made for this. And so are you.

    I received a media copy of On Purpose, and this is my honest review.

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