Low prices, and better for our authors

Our suggested list prices are $9.99 for paperbacks and $7.50 for ebooks. Here, we never charge more than $8.49 for a paperback or $5.49 for an ebook.

So the moment you walk in our virtual door, our books are discounted by 15% (for paperback) and 27% (for ebook).

We can do this because selling direct to you, the customer, lowers our costs substantially. That means that this site is not only the least expensive place (almost always) to buy Cruciform books. When you buy a book from us, a really good thing happens—our authors make up to double what they get when you buy elsewhere.

We deeply appreciate the many resellers we work with and we pray God blesses them. If you find it simpler to buy our books from someone else, or if you simply want to support them, fantastic! But we thought you might want to know that fact about our authors, too.

Plus, automatic bulk discounts

In addition to our off-the-top savings, look what happens next…

  • Order 8 or more of any title and get another 10% off
  • Order 25 or more of any title and get another 15% off
  • Order 50 or more of any title and get another 20% off
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