20Twosdays: Books on Parenting

Copy of Copy of 20T Revision This week we’re featuring two popular titles on parenting.

Intentional Parenting; Family Discipleship by Design, by Tad ThompsonThompsonIntentional Parenting: Family Discipleship by Design, by Dr. Tad Thompson, is an unusual parenting book because it focuses on strategy, not tactics and techniques. The book is designed to come alongside all the other books, sermons, teachings, and exhortations you have received on child training and leadership in the home, make sense of it all, and give you concrete ways to build family discipleship into daily life. Endorsed by Kevin Ezell (North American Missions Board), Joel Beeke (Puritan Reformed Theological Reformed Seminary), James Hamilton (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), and others.

Christ in the Chaos; How the Gospel Changes Motherhood, by Kimm CrandallcrandallChrist in the Chaos: How the Gospel Changes Motherhood is by Kimm Crandall, with a Foreword by Elyse Fitzpatrick. This is a fantastic book for moms—especially mothers of young children. Kimm emphasizes the importance of the gospel and how Christ’s life, death, and resurrection change every aspect of motherhood. From finding your identity in Christ and understanding God’s grace, to taking off the mask of acceptability and dealing with the comparison crud, this book will free moms to serve their family knowing that God’s love does not change based on performance. Endorsed by Lauren Chandler, Gloria Furman, Scotty Smith, Trillia Newbell, Kendra Fletcher, and more.

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