Promoting the Gospel in Farsi

Anchored in Grace in Farsiby Kevin /

We’re thrilled and honored to be part of The Gospel Coalition’s first “language landing site,” a website entirely in Persian/Farsi. As Bill Walsh of TGC International Outreach has said,

We’ve labored for a long time to get solid, biblical resources translated into this key language for sharing with Iranian Christians and the Persian diaspora around the world. Our hope is to…have [the site] serve as a prototype for other languages such as Arabic. The Internet has enormous capacity for reaching some of the hardest places to spread Christian content.

The site is currently offering seven foundational books in Farsi, one each from John Piper, R.C. Sproul, David Platt, Mark Dever, Kevin DeYoung, Chris Bruno, and our own Jeremy Walker (Anchored in Grace: Fixed Points for Humble Faith). If you haven’t yet checked out Anchored in Grace, you really should.

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  1. […] The Gospel Coalition recently launched a site entirely in Farsi, offering a small variety of resources translated into Farsi, among which was Anchored in Grace (see sidebar). I must confess that, while I recall someone at Cruciform Press mentioning the translation, I had rather lost sight of this. However, for those with an interest, either for themselves or for Farsi-speaking and -reading friends, here is the blurb from Cruciform: […]

  2. […] Joel Beeke, Conrad Mbewe, Derek Thomas, Brian Croft, and others, Anchored in Grace has already been translated into Farsi by The Gospel Coalition for use as a tool for both evangelism and discipleship in Iran and among […]

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