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Unto Others: Rediscovering the Golden Rule – the Lost Key to Relationships

Paperback, Three Ebook Formats

It’s the most important lesson Jesus taught us about daily life. But we’ve forgotten it.

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Unto Others: Rediscovering the Golden Rule – the Lost Key to Relationships, by Dave Swavely

Foreword by Dave Deuel

Endorsed by Wayne Mack, Stan Gale, Bill Hill, T. Dale Johnson, and more.



Dave SwavelyDave Swavely (M. Div., The Master’s Seminary) has been a professional writer for almost 30 years, both full and part time, with numerous published books, novels, and articles. He’s been the primary editor or ghostwriter on ten published non-fiction books, the co-author of two, and sole author of two more. He’s worked as a journalist for World Magazine and at Cruciform Press, where he served as Acquisitions Editor for non-fiction and General Editor for fiction. He has three novels published by Macmillan (one with Tor/Forge), and two more by Cruciform, and he’s been the primary editor on five novels by other authors. He blogs regularly at The Way With Words, Truth is No Stranger to Fiction, Noir Etc, and a video series on YouTube called In the Light.

Dave and his wife, Jill, have been married for more than 30 years, with seven wonderful kids and three adorable grandkids. Together they’ve started two churches and two innovative educational programs on the east and west coasts. Dave was a personal assistant to the world-renowned speaker and author Dr. John MacArthur for seven years,  and has spoken at various conferences around the country and abroad.

Dave’s life journey has included many failures as well as successes, and he’s learned the most from his failures.


Advance peek at endorsement excerpts…

“Practical, life-altering truth…clear, doable, life-changing, relationship-changing, church-changing, and society-changing.”
“A practical guide, anchored in rich theology, about how to live out the Golden Rule daily in community and culture.”
“Historical perspective, skillful use of Scripture, and sound doctrine act as a foundation and context.”
“A breath of fresh air….just the right balance of law and gospel…as useful for evangelism as it is for edification.”
“Sorely needed for the divisive, dysfunctional times in which we live.”
“Confronts the confusion and cultural misgivings that have jaded the meaning of this most consequential command.”
“One of the most comprehensive and practical treatments I’ve ever seen. You won’t want to miss this!”
“Readable, positive, and interesting…historical, theological, and biblical. Ideal for group study or classroom use, with questions that conclude each chapter.”
“In reading it, I have rediscovered the Golden Rule. This central teaching of Jesus really is a treasure.”
“The Golden Rule is truly a key that unlocks priceless treasure and not a mere truism. I highly recommend Unto Others.

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Paperback, Three Ebook Formats


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