Announcing a New Blog Series

Announcing a New Blog Series: A Conversation about Fiction

by Kevin Meath /

The authors associated with our new imprint, Cruciform Fiction, are commandeering the blog for a while. Yesterday’s post was the first in the series. Make sure you check out what Ernie Bowman had to say about our hopes and dreams for using novellas to help inspire the missionaries of tomorrow!

Over the course of several posts, these authors will be discussing novellas—longer than a short story but shorter than a novel. For decades the traditional publishing world has stayed away from novellas, but we think (ok, yes, we’re hoping) it may be time for a change. In fact, we’re pretty sure we have the only Christian fiction line that specializes in novellas.

To get a point of terminology out of the way, “Christian fiction”—just like Christian art or music or anything else—is admittedly a vague phrase that can be freighted with all kinds of expectations. As a familiar and convenient handle, we simply use it to mean “fiction from a Christian imagination.”

During this blog series, the authors will distinguish novellas from other forms of fiction, discuss some favorite novellas, explain why they see short fiction as especially valuable for Christians, and share about some of their own titles. They will also announce a couple of things we’re excited about: $1.99 fiction flash sales, and the giveaway of an intriguing short story that imagines a personal, private conversation between two famous, brilliant, thoughtful, opinionated, articulate, and biblically grounded contemporaries in 19th Century London.

This blog series will itself be a work in progress, and for now we’re envisioning six or eight more posts over the next month or so. The authors would love to hear from you, in blog comments or in book reviews, so check out our fiction titles, consider signing up for this blog, and stay tuned!

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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