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Special Opportunity for New Ebook Subscribers

This offer is periodic, and is not currently “on.” Sorry!

Winners of the latest 3 for 6 (3 free books for each of 6 new ebook subscribers) are Kirk T., Sandra P., David M., Cameron J., Charles H., Jon L. Congrats! Winners have been or are being notified.

PLUS: An Offer Only for New Ebook Subscribers

Our first seven books, in a single download.

Just $25

Begin your Monthly Ebook Subscription today, and when you receive the download link for your first book (which will be Good News About Satan) you will have the opportunity to purchase the seven books listed below, in the ebook format of your choice, for $25.

The Organized Heart
Intentional Parenting
Reclaiming Adoption
Servanthood as Worship
Wrestling with an Angel
Sexual Detox

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An Ebook Glossary

We offer the most popular ebook formats: Mobipocket, PDF, and ePub.

Mobipocket format is for:

  • Kindle (Amazon)
  • Several other ereaders
  • iPads and many other mobile devices can read Mobipocket files using apps.

Mobipocket uses the file suffix .mobi.

PDF format is for:

  • Any computer or mobile device equipped with the free Adobe Reader or other PDF readers.

PDF files use the original typefaces, retaining more of the character of the print book design. Adobe Reader can also reflow and resize the text (look under View / Zoom / Reflow) although the results are not always elegant.

ePub format is for:

  • iPad (Apple)
  • Nook (Barnes & Noble)
  • eReader (Kobe)
  • Reader (Sony)
  • and many other ebook readers

Mobile devices can read ePub files using apps.