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Our books are all essentially the same length. They are all exactly the same price. We strive to make each title clear, inspiring, helpful, well-written and edited, attractive, theologically reliable, and relevant to our customers, friends, and fans. Imagine a book like that showing up in your mailbox or email inbox like clockwork. And this at a huge discount from our already low prices.

What’s not to like?

Print subscriptions cost $6.49 (35% savings from $9.99 list price)

Ebook subscriptions cost $3.99 (52% savings from 7.50 list price)

How Subscriptions Work

Just like with a magazine, subscriptions begin with the current book. So if you subscribe now, your first book will be Good News About Satan.

You can subscribe to Print Books or Ebooks (Mobi [Kindle], ePub [iPad, Nook, etc.] or PDF).


Oh, and new subscribers have the opportunity to buy earlier books at subscription prices. Can’t beat that.

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Another Reason to Subscribe

Life is busy and complex. As Christians, we can be tempted to neglect our spiritual lives, especially when it comes to reading books that will equip and encourage us in our faith.

At Cruciform, we want to help make that vital process of ongoing spiritual growth easier. Our hope is to serve you well in your efforts to honor and live for Jesus Christ in the local community to which God has called you.

Pastors in particular might want to seriously consider investing in a subscription in order to help identify books that can serve particular people in your church — clear, encouraging, gospel-focused, doctrinally solid books that can be read in one or two sittings.