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Offering 11 titles for $4.99 each. We are also running a $5.99 sale here.

Print books for $4.99 (list $9.99)

Minimum 3-book purchase — this price good through December 1

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$4.99 Christmas Sale

Licensed to Kill: A Field Manual for Mortifying Sin, by Brian G. Hedges Buy

Before Dawn with the Son blog said, “I do not believe it would be an overstatement (or a slight) to call this John Owen-lite,” and “there have not been many modern books that have kept me riveted as PM rolled into AM, but this little book by Hedges definitely did the trick.” And Wes Ward of Revive Our Hearts called this “a faithful, smart, Word-centered guide to help us identify and form a battle plan for mortally wounding the enemy of indwelling sin.”

Endorsed by Bob Lepine (Famiy Radio), Tullian Tchividjian, Joe Thorn, and more.

Friends and Lovers: Cultivating Companionship and Intimacy in Marriage, by Joel R. Beeke Buy

Matthew Sims of the Grace for Sinners blog said that this book offers, “the most balanced conversation about submission in the home I have found.” Geoffrey Thomas, Pastor of Alfred Place Baptist Church in Wales, wrote “there is no better book than this to renew the affection of happy marriage.”

Endorsed by Derek Thomas, Michael Haykin (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) , David Murray (Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary), and more.

Education or Imitation? Bible Interpretation for Dummies Like You and Me, by Curtis Allen Buy

Trillia Newbell of Women of God Magazine wrote, “I walked away eager to read God’s Word,” saying that the writing is “relatable, encouraging, and the language is natural. It’s an easy read yet packed with wisdom and encouragement.”

Endorsed by Thabiti Anyabwile and Thomas Schreiner (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary).

Innocent Blood: Challenging the Powers of Death with the Gospel of Life, by John Ensor Buy

Aaron Armstrong of Blogging Theologically named this his Number #1 Book for 2011, calling it, “perhaps the most personally convicting and challenging book I’ve read this year.” And Tom Farr’s review said, “read Innocent Blood, and love human life like you never imagined.”

Endorsed by Burk Parsons (Ligonier Ministries), Trevin Wax (The Gospel Project), John Frame (Reformed Theological Seminary), and more.

Getting Back in the Race: The Cure for Backsliding, by Joel R. Beeke Buy

Martin Holdt of Emmanuel Baptist Church, one of the premier preachers in South Africa, wrote “This book is a masterpiece, and I do not say that lightly.”

Endorsed by Maurice Roberts. Derek Thomas, Ian Hamilton, and more.

The Organized Heart: A Woman’s Guide to Conquering Chaos, by Staci Eastin Buy

Blogger Beckie Pliego began her review of this book by saying, “This is undoubtedly the first and most important book any Christian woman who wants to start living a disciplined and organized life should read.”

Endorsed by Carolyn McCulley, Aileen Challies, and more.

“But God…” The Two Words at the Heart of the Gospel, by Casey Lute Buy

Paul Tautges of the Biblical Counseling Coalition wrote, “Every believer in Christ will be encouraged and edified by this book… I was very refreshed.”

Endorsed by Thomas Schreiner (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), William Varner (The Masters College), and more.

Smooth Stones: Bringing Down the Giant Questions of Apologetics, by Joe Coffey Buy

We call this book, “Street-level apologetics for everyday Christians.” Jared Totten of the Critical Thinking Blog said, “This book may be the best resource I’ve seen to answer common objections in everyday language.”

Endorsed by Chuck Colson and more.

Cruciform: Living the Cross-Shaped Life, by Jimmy Davis Buy

Philip Wade Brandywine Books called this, “possibly the best under-the-radar Christian Living book this year.”

Endorsed by Tullian Tchividjian, Paul Miller, Scotty Smith, and many more.

Reclaiming Adoption: Missional Living Through the Rediscovery of Abba Father, by Dan Cruver, John Piper, Scotty Smith, Richard D. Phillips, and Jason Kovacs Buy

Fred Sanders, Crossway author and professor at Biola University, said this book is “perfectly positioned at the intersection of the practical, the spiritual, and the doctrinal.”

Endorsed by Russell Moore, Darrin Patrick, Burk Parsons, Ed Stetzer, Shaun Groves, and many more.

Intentional Parenting: Family Discipleship by Design, by Tad Thompson Buy

Terry Delaney of Christian Book Notes wrote, “reading it and applying the principles found within its pages will certainly change the lives of your children.”

Endorsed by Joel Beeke (Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary), Kevin Ezell (North American Mission Board), Timothy Paul Jones (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), and many more.

$4.99 Christmas Sale


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