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Bulk Discounts

A summary of all the ways you can save on print books and ebooks.

Print Book Discounts

Our print books carry a suggested list price of $9.99.
We offer the following discounts, which apply to any mix of titles.

$8.45 each for 1–5 books

15% savings

$7.45 each for 6–50 books

25% savings

$6.45 each for 51 or more books

35% savings

These discounts are available throughout our site, as well as at this form.

By subscribing, you automatically get your books at the highest discount we offer.
Learn more or begin your pay-as-you-go or pre-paid print subscription today.

Ebook Discounts

Our ebooks carry a suggested list price of $7.50. We offer the following discounts.

Single ebooks cost $5.45

27% savings. Download individual ebooks in three different formats.

Ebook subscriptions cost $3.99 per book

47% savings. Learn more or begin your pre-paid or pay-as-you-go ebook subscription today.

Ebook bundles cost as little as $3.57 per book

Several different Ebook Bundles are available here.

Ebook Distribution Program: ebooks for as little as 50 cents

Churches and ministries, you have got to check this out.