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Cruciform is growing up and things are changing!

05/4/2012—All the details are here.

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday 2012

12/24/2011—An amazing offer on an amazing book, right here.

Ebook Bargains

12/7/2011—Some great ebook bargains are available December 8-20.

The Book of Mary

12/2/2011—You have probably never read anything quite like The Book of Mary: Diary of an Addict. Check it out.

Christmas Sale

11/22/2011—All the details are here.

Don’t Miss It

11/22/2011—Sign up for our newsletter by December 10 and get our first ebook-only product for just 99 cents.

Second Ebook Bundle

11/22/2011—See that message below? We now have a second bundle as well! Find it in the sidebar.

New Ebook Bundle & Special Offer for New Ebook Subscribers

05/15/2011—We now offer our first seven books in a single download for $35. Plus, new ebook subscribers will have the opportunity to purchase the same product for just $25.

Rio, Here We Come

05/10/2011—Brazilian publisher Vida Nova has begun translating three of our books for distribution in Portuguese: Sexual Detox, Intentional Parenting, and The Organized Heart. We’re excited and grateful to God for this development, but we don’t actually think anybody will ever get a business trip out of it.

Love this Review

05/6/2011—Posted on May 6, it begins, “But God…”, the latest installment by Cruciform Press, written by Casey Lute, delivers what this young yet powerful publishing company is building a reputation for—books with rock-solid theology and packaged in an engaging and accessible form."

Read the rest.

Translation into Amharic

04/23/2011—Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia and second only to Arabic among speakers of Semitic languages. Dan Cruver’s book, Reclaiming Adoption has just been translated into Amharic (he does a lot of orphan work in Ethiopia). You can get more details and see a sample page at Dan’s Together for Adoption site.

If a Tree Falls in the Rain Forest…

04/23/2011—Like many other sites, we use Amazon servers to host our site. On April 21, some of Amazon’s server capacity went down, putting Cruciform Press offline for most of the day. Lots of sites were similarly affected, including Foursquare, Reddit, Quora, and others. Our apologies if you tried to visit during that time.