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The Secret of Spiritual Joy

>> Coming in May. Pre-order now. <<

Most Christians consider gratitude a “fly over” virtue; a secondary quality not nearly as important as things like love, justice, and servanthood. This book contends the opposite. God does not consider gratitude (or thanksgiving) secondary. Instead, the apostle Paul commands us to “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” This book argues that thanksgiving is the secret to spiritual joy. It explains why it matters, and why the gospel is the rationale for a life that models God’s command to “overflow with thanksgiving” (Colossians 2:7).

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Inheritance of Tears

Trusting the Lord of Life when Death Visits the Womb

>> Coming in March – Pre-order now! << / Endorsed by Jen Wilkin, Russell and Maria Moore, Trillia Newbell, Wendy Alsup, Courtney Reissig, many more…

Miscarriage is deeply traumatic and tragically common, yet so often misunderstood or trivialized. This book provides much needed biblical counsel on this subject, through the compassionate heart of a mother who has known miscarriage.

“She guides us theologically, so that we see God’s wisdom, God’s purpose, and God’s love in the midst of our suffering. I gladly recommend this work to others.” (Tom Schreiner, SBTS)




Good News About Satan

A Gospel Look at Spiritual Warfare

Our Newest Title! / Foreword by Jerry Bridges / Endorsed by Dr. John Frame of Reformed Theological Seminary; Justin Taylor, author, and blogger at The Gospel Coalition; Aimee Byrd; Mike Cleveland; more…

The bad news of Satan, while serious, is overshadowed by the good news of Jesus. Here are the plain teachings of Scripture regarding Satan, demons, and spiritual warfare from a perspective that makes paramount the sovereignty of God and the finished work of Christ. Containing none of the unfruitful speculations so common to this topic, we believe it differs significantly from virtually every other book on the subject.




Hit List

Taking Aim at the Seven Deadly Sins

Foreword by Bob Lepine

“With the exception of John Owen, no author has helped me so understand the mortification of sin.“ (Dave Dunham)

Hit List is a great book! Hedges brings the historic framework of the seven deadly sins into the 21st century. Brian’s reading and research into historic Christian theology enriches this readable and thoroughly biblical examination and treatment of ‘the big seven.’” (Tedd Tripp)




After They Are Yours

The Grace and Grit of Adoption

Foreword by Dan Cruver / Endorsed by Bob Lepine of Family Life Today, Kelly Rosati and Dr. Sharen Ford of Focus on the Family, Jedd Medefind of Christian Alliance for Orphans, many more…

After They Are Yours talks transparently and redemptively about the often unspoken problems adoptive parents face, but it is ultimately “a compelling story about saying yes to God and then watching the Father shape and redeem his sons and daughters through love, grace, and mercy” (Kelly Rosati).




The Company We Keep

In Search of Biblical Friendship

Foreword by Ed Welch / Endorsed by Alistair Begg, Tim Lane, Wesley Hill, Bob Kellemen, Deepak Reju, many more…

Deep, honest, pure, transparent, liberating…and attainable. The core of biblical friendship, what sets it apart from all the world can offer, is that it flows from Jesus Christ. Biblical friendship—desperately needed in the Church today—finds its origin, purpose, and power in Jesus. When shaped by this life-changing truth, everyday friendship can be transformed into something of a different order: biblical friendship.




Knowable Word

Helping Ordinary People Learn to Study the Bible

Foreword by Tedd Tripp

“I look forward to using this to improve my own Bible study."
Jerry Bridges, author and speaker

“An excellent practical guide to interpreting the Bible.”
Vern Poythress, Westminster Theological Seminary

“Demystifies the process of reading God’s Word.”
Tim Chester, The Porterbrook Network

“It is hard to over-estimate the value of this tidy volume.”
Tedd Tripp, pastor and author




Grace Is Free

One Woman's Journey From Fundamentalism to Failure to Faith

Foreword by Byron Yawn

“Marci challenges the status quo that we as Christian women don’t normally even think to question…result will be freedom."
– personal endorsement from Paula Hendricks, author, Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl; Writing and Editorial Manager, Revive our Hearts

“I enthusiastically recommend this to any woman who has suffered under human expectations for ‘how to be godly.’”
Charles Z. Moore, former Exec. VP, Thomas Nelson, Inc.




The Most Encouraging Book on Hell Ever

“Is the fear of God merely an Old-Testament doctrine? Does hell glorify God? Will we party with Stalin in heaven? What about Bill Maher? For answers to such questions, this thought-provoking, bracing corrective to the soapy bromides of recent volumes on this subject may be just the ticket. And have we mentioned that it’s entertaining and encouraging?”
Eric Metaxas, New York Times Best-selling author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

Plus Stephen Baldwin (actor), Drew Dyck, (Leadership Jrnl)

Available in print, ebook (ePub, mobi, PDF), Kindle


RAP front 364


Does God Listen to Rap?

Christians and the World's Most Controversial Music

Foreword by Owen Strachan

“This small accessible book is a very sane and very good introduction to a much controverted subject….I thought this was a really valuable book, and I highly recommend it."
Douglas Wilson (author; Senior Fellow of theology at New St. Andrews College; and minister of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho) in a review naming this his Book of the Month for March, 2014

Available in print, ebook (ePub, mobi, PDF), Kindle




Broken Vows

Divorce and the Goodness of God

“I really, really like this book. John helps us see and live in the relentless grace and sure direction of the Father in the face of our trials. He writes wisely, from fire-tested experience."
Glenn Stanton, Focus on the Family

“Filled with wisdom, this is the overflow of a painful personal struggle that resulted in a life full of authenticity and hope."
Phil Tuttle, President and CEO, Walk Thru the Bible

Also William Barcley (RTS), Bob Bevington, more…

Available in print, ebook (ePub, mobi, PDF), Kindle


Leake 364


Torn to Heal

God's Good Purpose in Suffering

“The most concise, readable, and helpful theology of suffering I’ve come across. The content, length, and tone is just perfect."
David Murray, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“Gospel-driven…a brief but potent primer for ordinary people on the purpose of suffering."
Timothy P. Jones, Prof. of Leadership & Church Ministry, Assoc. VP for Online Learning, Southern Baptist Theo. Sem.

Also Trevin Wax, Lore Ferguson, Dave MIller

Available in print, ebook (ePub, mobi, PDF), Kindle




Christ in the Chaos

How the Gospel Changes Motherhood

Foreword by Elyse Fitzpatrick

“I especially recommend this to the heart who strives to know God and make him known to little ones who call her ‘momma.’”
Lauren Chandler

“Amazingly wild and wise…One of the most helpful and encouraging books on parenting I’ve read in 20 years.”
Scotty Smith

Also Tullian Tchividjian, Gloria Furman, Trillia Newbell

Available in print, ebook (ePub, mobi, PDF), Kindle


Tautges 364


Brass Heavens

Reasons for Unanswered Prayer

“Scatters the darkness of our doubts…Read this to revive your prayers, to melt the heavens, and to increase your answers.”
David Murray, Puritan Reformed Theo. Sem.

“Motivating and convicting…Read and obey for the sake of your future, your family, and the work of God in the world.”
Jim Elliff, Christian Communicators Worldwide

Also endorsed by Nancy Guthrie, Joel Beeke, Bob Kellemen, Matt Olson, and Greg Lucas.

Available in print, ebook (ePub, mobi, PDF), Kindle


Armstrong2 364



Defending the Faith in a Fallen World

“Exactly the kind of book the church needs in our moment….will equip the church to be as bold as a lion, and to roar as Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, and Machen before us.”
Owen Strachan, Boyce College

“A balanced and passionate appeal especially to young believers….May this call be heard far and wide."
Dr. Peter Jones, truthXchange

Available in print, ebook (ePub, mobi, PDF), Kindle




Killing Calvinism

How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Theology from the Inside

“When this kind of critique and warning come from within a movement, it is a sign of health.”
John Piper, Desiring God

“This book blew me away!“
Thabiti Anyabwile, Council Member, The Gospel Coalition

“An absolute must-read for every YRR—older Calvinists, too!”
Lydia Brownback, author and speaker

Available in print, ebook (ePub, mobi, PDF), Kindle


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The Two Fears

Tremble Before God Alone

“We are too scared, and not scared enough…will prompt you to seek the biblical tension between ‘fear not’ and ‘fear God.'”
Russell D. Moore, Southern Baptist Theo. Sem.

“Practical and very readable…discover the real dimensions of creational existence and the wonderful benefits of [holy] fear.”
Peter Jones, Ph.D., Westminster Sem. in California

Also Darren Carlson, Jared Oliphint, and more…

Available in print, ebook (ePub, mobi, PDF)


Bridges 364


Who Am I?

Identity in Christ

Now also an AUDIOBOOK read by ALISTAIR BEGG!

“Jerry Bridges' gift for simple but deep spiritual communication is fully displayed in this warm-hearted, Biblical spelling out of the Christian’s true identity in Christ."
J. I. Packer

“I know of no one better prepared than Jerry Bridges to write Who Am I? He is a man who knows who he is in Christ and he helps us to see succinctly and clearly who we are to be.”
R. C. Sproul

Available in print, ebook (ePub, mobi, PDF), Kindle


Beeke2 364


Friends and Lovers

Cultivating Companionship and Intimacy in Marriage

“Refreshingly straightforward…the best book of its kind.”
Derek W H Thomas, Reformed Theo. Sem.

“There is no better book to renew the affection of marriage."
Geoffrey Thomas, Alfred Place Baptist, Wales

“Like a personal mentoring session on marriage…full of practical wisdom and grace. A delight.”
Bob Lepine, Co-Host, FamilyLife Today

Available in print, ebook (ePub, mobi, PDF)


Allen 360


Education or Imitation?

Bible Interpretation for Dummies Like You and Me

Soon to be re-released as From Me-ology to Theology: What Jesus Taught Us About Bible Interpretation

“Gritty. Real. If you want it straight, read this book.”
Thabiti Anyabwile, Author; Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Grand Cayman; Council Member, Gospel Coalition

“Wonderfully practical and clear. I recommend gladly such an accessible, Christ-centered book on interpreting God’s Word."
Tom Schreiner, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Southern Baptist Theo. Sem.

Available in print, ebook (ePub, mobi, PDF), Kindle


Beeke 364


Getting Back in the Race

The Cure for Backsliding

“Pastoral wisdom is obvious on every page. Unfailingly breathes the air of grace and hope."
Derek W H Thomas, Reformed Theo. Sem.

“This book is a masterpiece, and I do not say that lightly.”
Martin Holdt, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Johannesburg, SA

Also endorsed by Michael Haykin, Wayne Mack, Iaian Campbell, and more.

Available in print, ebook (ePub, mobi, PDF), Kindle


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Good News About Satan: A Gospel Look at Spiritual Warfare, by Bob Bevington


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